ManUp Key User Guide 

How to use The ManUp Key

  1. Always ensure your ManUp Key is in good condition and set up properly before use.  The interchangeable tips and locking pin will eventually show signs of wear after repeated use.  Replace these accordingly.

  2. Make sure you've cleared the area around the manhole, moving and avoiding any potential trip hazards.

  3. Select the tip most suited for the manhole you intend to lift.  Secure the tip in place by using the locking pin.

  4. Insert the tip of The ManUp Key into the key slot of the manhole.  Turn the key 90° to lock it in place.  Do not lean over, bend or use the ManUp Key as a lever at any time.

  5. If you find that you are not standing square to the cover, try removing the tip from the ManUp Key, rotating it 90°, and securing back in place with the locking pin.

  6. Stand in front of the manhole with a straight back and your legs parallel to your hips.  Do not stand on the manhole.

  7. Select the pair of handles which you find most comfortable to use, and taking a firm grip of both handles, lift with a sharp upward action using only your arms.  The ManUp Key will travel upward exerting a hammer-like effect on the manhole.  This may need to be repeated several times to release more resistant manholes.

  8. Once the manhole has been freed, you may use the lower handles of The ManUp key to remove some lightweight covers.  Larger, heavier covers may need alternative lifting equipment.

Important information 

  1. This key is designed to release manholes that are stuck.  It may be used to lift some smaller, lighter covers, however larger and heavier covers may need alternative lifting equipment.

  2. DO NOT use the key if you can see damage to the key or tip, or if there are any parts missing as this may result in injury.

  3. DO NOT use the key if you are suffering from any health condition which may be worsened by strenuous activity.  

  4. ONLY use the genuine ManUp Key tips.  Replace tips immediately if they become damaged.  Do not attempt to repair / weld broken tips.  Genuine ManUp Key tips are specially forged.

  5. The ManUp Key is designed to be used by only 1 person at any given time.

  6. DO NOT hit the key with any other tool or device.

  7. Never attempt to repair The ManUp Key yourself. 


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